Biodiversity news

On this page NLBIF presents a selection of national and international biodiversity news, originating from news-feeds from major news sites and scientific publishers. Messages are being filtered using keywords such as biodiversity, nature and species. Duplication of information does occurre occasionally.

  • 7 Iconic Animals Humans Are Driving to Extinction

    22 / 11 / 2013,

    Rising populations spell trouble for biodiversity. Here are 7 animals that humans are pushing toward extinction through hunting and habitat loss.

  • Full Belly Fossil! 'Sea Monster' Had 3 Others in Its Gut

    01 / 11 / 2013,

    A mosasaur, a toothy marine reptile of the Cretaceous period, was discovered with the fossilized remains of three other mosasaur species in its gut. The find reveals what was once a rich ecosystem...

  • Are Legless Lizards Snakes?

    30 / 10 / 2013,

    No. Snakes are just the most successful of the many reptile lineages that went limbless, radiating over time into roughly 3,000 species that have exploited nearly every available habitat, from the...