Biodiversity news

On this page NLBIF presents a selection of national and international biodiversity news, originating from news-feeds from major news sites and scientific publishers. Messages are being filtered using keywords such as biodiversity, nature and species. Duplication of information does occurre occasionally.

  • BGANZ 2013 Assessment Update

    08 / 07 / 2013, BGCI

    We are happy to announce great progress in our assessment of threatened species held in collections in New Zealand and Australia! With the help of BGANZ, we have been in touch with curators from...

  • Care for the Rare Update

    27 / 06 / 2013, BGCI

    Guess What!

    Thanks to the efforts and contributions of both the United States Botanic Garden and Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden, we are ecstatic to announce the addition of 28 new...