Data validation

Data validation is a big issue at GBIF and NLBIF. The data providers are currently responsible for data quality. Data providers are supported in validating and improving the quality of their data by means of user guides, trainings and tools. At the first data supply, NLBIF provides a data report which mainly contains comments on data-technical impossibilities, such as empty data fields, time-stamps referring to non-existing times or locations that cannot be correct.

If data sets are indexed by GBIF for international publication, all of the taxonomic names in a data set are compared with the names in the Catalogue of Life (CoL) ( If necessary, missing higher taxonomic information is added. The same process is applied to the geographical information. The errors found can be read out in the GBIF log-files automatically complementing each GBIF data set.

A validation tool specifically designed for DarwinCore standardised data, Darwin Test, has been developed by GBIF Spain (