Data visualisation

Through NLBIF and GBIF, data originating from data providers based in the Netherlands can be visualised in different ways. Obviously via the GBIF data portal (, but also via data portals for each Dutch data provider. NLBIF uses Silver Biology software for this.

In addition, once data have been shared with the rest of the world through NLBIF and GBIF, they are visualised in many different ways on various websites. For example, GBIF data from mountainous regions on Endangered species present in the GBIF database can be visualised by using the Geospatial Conservation Assessment Tool (GeoCAT) from IUCN ( Concerning geographic distribution, the Encyclopaedia of Life, an initiative that creates an encyclopaedia page for each species on Earth, is an important site on which GBIF data is visualised (

GBIF data can be selected and downloaded in a variety of ways, after which visualisation is possible via both generic and specific software packages, such as Google Earth (KML files) or specific GIS packages.