Biodiversity news

On this page NLBIF presents a selection of national and international biodiversity news, originating from news-feeds from major news sites and scientific publishers. Messages are being filtered using keywords such as biodiversity, nature and species. Duplication of information does occurre occasionally.

  • Conserve elephants. They hold a scientific mirror up to humans

    15 / 06 / 2017, Economist Science and Technology

    THE symbol of the World Wide Fund for Nature is a giant panda. The panda’s black-and-white pelage certainly makes for a striking logo. But, though pandas are an endangered species, the cause of...

  • The Cambrian explosion

    02 / 07 / 2015, Economist Science and Technology

    Modern lobopodians are rarely seen forest dwellers called velvet worms. Their ancient relatives, though, were pioneers of the Cambrian explosion, a time when Earth experienced an unprecedented...

  • Evolution: Butterfly ball

    31 / 10 / 2013, Economist Science and Technology

    Pinning down the truth
    BIOLOGISTS love Heliconius. In the 19th century, the mimicry by edible butterflies and moths of the brash warning colours sported by members of...