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Bird migration visualization challenge & hackathon

25 / 03 / 2015 to 27 / 03 / 2015
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics - UvA
University of Amsterdam Faculty of Science
Science Park 904
1098 XH Amsterdam

A hackathon for visualizing bird migration as detected by weather radars.

Many birds migrate between their winter and breeding grounds each spring and autumn. It might be surprising to know that one of the best research tools to detect these movements are weather radars. Bird density, general speed, and direction can be retrieved from the raw weather data using algorithms (which power tools like The goal of the European Network for the Radar Surveillance of Animal Movement (ENRAM) is to gather and research this type of data on a European scale.

One of the main ENRAM challenges is to present the relevant data in an comprehensible, intuitive way. This is why a 3-day hackathon is organised in Amsterdam to create a visualization using bird migration data from a case study. A jury will evaluate the submissions on submission requirements, accessibility, functionality, and applicability, before selecting a winning team and 2 runners-up, which will be announced and awarded prizes in a closing ceremony. Last day for registration is 15 March, limited financial support is available.