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Biodiversity data for e-science

24 / 04 / 2014, NLBIF

In collaboration with the Netherlands eScience Center (NLeSC), NLBIF investigates possibilities to analyse and visualise the more than 400 million GBIF data records in an advanced eScience environment.

The GBIF portal offers various options to filter and project data per species or per country. But GBIF data hold much more potential. GBIF is a Big Data project, requiring a matching environment in which data can be edited, selected and analysed online in an advanced manner, using high-performance computing technology. The Netherlands eScience Center offers such possibilities. NLBIF and NLeSC are currently investigating whether particular biodiversity issues, such as advancing invasive species and shifts in distribution of vegetation types due to climate change, could be charted.

The Netherlands eScience Center has ample experience in visualising biological data, one example being the University of Amsterdam Bird Tracking System project, which shows the possibilities of tracking birds with GPS transmitters.