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GBIF "Young Researchers Award" now open for nominations

01 / 01 / 2015, GBIF

Are you a BSc, MSc or PhD student at one of the Dutch universities, or a Dutch student studying abroad? Do you use the open GBIF data or the GBIF infrastructure for your research or for the development of new applications? Please then do compete for the GBIF "Young Researchers Award" and receive the eternal GBIF honours for your work and an award of € 4000,- to progress your career.   

Next to the "Ebbe Nielsen Challenge" for the more experienced researchers and computer scientists, GBIF would also like to stimulate young scientists to work with the open GBIF data and contribute to (international) biodiversity research and / or the on-going developments in biodiversity informatics. As a GBIF participant, The Netherlands can nominate two candidates for the 2015 GBIF "Young Researchers Award". Proposals should be submitted before the 25th of March at the NLBIF secretariat. In case there are more than two suitable candidates for this award, a pre-selection shall be made by a small ad-hoc committee. Interested students are advised to contact the NLBIF Node Manager for more information and advise.

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