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New features in GBIF Portal

11 / 04 / 2014, GBIF

From now, users of the GBIF portal have access to more and new information in the millions of GBIF records.

Before, the portal displayed only about 30 of the 150 terms from the Darwin Core standard within each GBIF observation or collection specimen record, whereas visitors to the portal can now access many other details, such as sampling methodology, collectors’ names and field notes.

This new information is not only on display online, it is included into all downloaded data as well.

Also, a much-requested feature has been added:  the ability to search records by type status, essential for taxonomic research. A filter is now available on the occurrence search page, allowing queries on for example holotypes, syntypes and paratypes.

In the coming weeks, yet a newer  version of the GBIF portal will be released. This will enable users to access, in addition to more Darwin Core terms, images and audio and video files associated with occurrence records.

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