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New infoservice GBIF: global and national data trends

12 / 11 / 2014, NLBIF

Step by step the GBIF data portal is being enhanced with sophisticated information services. Data trends are now being presented in a clear and advanced mode, both at the global and national level.

The GBIF data are visualised in different ways, for example the total growth rate for higher taxa (plants, animals, micro-organisms), the data "completeness" and collection frequencies.

For the Netherlands the graphs show a consequent growth rate, especially during the last 6 years the number of GBIF records from The Netherlands has increased dramatically reaching the current level of almost 20 million records. Floral data dominate the Dutch GBIF section, mainly because of the presence of the national Dutch Vegetation Database (LVD) and the large collection of the National Herbarium, hosted by Naturalis Biodiversity Center.

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