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Super tool for GBIF data visualisation

26 / 09 / 2014, Ecological Informatics

The VESpeR project of the Institute for Informatics and Digital Innovation, part of the Napier University in Edinburgh, Scotland, launches a new online tool for the visualisation of biodiversity data.

The unique characteristic of the VESpeR tool, VESpeR stands for "Visual Exploration of Species-referenced Repositories", is that it is completely adapted to data stored as DarwinCore Archives (DwC-A), the data standard and storage format used by GBIF (and NLBIF). In practice this means that GBIF and NLBIF data providers can upload their data in a split-second and visualise the taxonomic, geographic and temporal dimensions of their data.

The VESpeR tool is available online in demo-mode ready to work with (your) real data. As a software package VESpeR is downloadable through Github as an open source project. The background and functioning of the tool are described in a publication in the online journal "Ecological Informatics".

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