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Bat roost entry portal

Gemeente Utrecht
Project type: 
Data project

This is a citizen science driven, open data project supported by local authorities, with opportunities for wider use in other European countries. The project aims at compiling as much high quality data on bats and bat roosts as possible. A GBIF compatible database was developed for collecting data on inhabitants of bat roosts (usually bats, but not exclusively).
At the end of May 2016 the website was launched. It includes a digital entry module for observers. The appealing entry portal motivates people to participate, also by providing simple lists of their own data or lists of regional and national data (e.g. a list of the bat roosts where the common noctule bat, Nyctalus noctula, has been observed). The website also provides information on various types of bat roosts and on the ecology of bats. The website is continuously developed to improve its user friendliness.

Observers monitor the roosts and enter their data into the entry portal. Over one hundred locations are listed in the database, covering thousands of bat observations (and a myriad of absence records). The data are also available at GBIF

The entry module is available in three languages and is promoted in other European countries. For more information please contact

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Photo: Erik Korsten