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Internationalisation of Flora of The Netherlands videos

Project type: 
Multimedia project

The Flora of the Netherlands Foundation aims to present scientific information on flora and vegetation of the Netherlands to a broad audience, in an accessible and appealing way.

The foundation offers a unique platform to those interested in the world of plants in the Netherlands, professionals and non-professionals alike. In particular, a connection is made between expertise on flora and vegetation and knowledge about the distribution of flora and vegetation. Using modern digital and visualisation techniques, the extensive knowledge and information gathered in The Netherlands during the past decades is made available online as texts, images and distribution maps. An innovative feature is the use of videos, enabling visitors to learn about plant species and plant communities in The Netherlands in a special and concise way.

In collaboration with NLBIF, Flora of the Netherlands has initiated a pilot project aimed at internationalising its knowledge and approach. A number of Flora of the Netherlands' instruction videos have been given an English voice-over, allowing this way of presenting to be demonstrated at international workshops and symposia. Below are a few examples.

Lady's bedstraw - Galium verum

Cuckooflower - Cardamine pratensis

Lawn daisy - Béllis perénnis L.

White bryony - Bryonia dioica