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Pilot-project open reptile data Dutch Network Ecological Monitoring (NEM)

Project type: 
Data project
01 / 08 / 2015 to 01 / 12 / 2015

The Dutch national Network Ecological Monitoring (NEM) follows the common population trends of almost all major species groups such as birds, butterflies and plants, and is the backbone of the monitoring of terrestrial biodiversity in the Netherlands.

Most monitoring networks of the NEM are performed by Private Data Management Organisations (PGO's). The organisation Statistics Netherlands (CBS) processes the data into detailed statistics, maps and graphs. By generating this detailed information the impact and effect of nature and environmental policies can be closely monitored.

All reptiles in The Netherlands are protected and sensitive to, among other things, the fragmentation of their habitats. Using the NEM monitoring network the development of seven species is closely watched. As a first NEM open data pilot these data are now being reworked by RAVON (Reptile Amphibian and Fish Research Netherlands) in order to share these data through the GBIF network. This will be the first NEM dataset open to the public and the international research community.