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Survey on geo-information in GBIF and NLBIF by GIMA students

Project type: 
Data use survey
28 / 04 / 2015 to 25 / 05 / 2015

GIMA (Geographical Information Management and Application) is a Master of Science program which focuses on geographical information from a scientific perspective. GIMA provides the best from GISexperts from four universities in the Netherlands: University of Twente (ITC Enschede), TU Delft, Utrecht University and Wageningen University.

4 Gima students embarked on the challenging project of probing issues related to geographical information in the GBIF infrastructure, both from a data provider perspective as well as a data user perspective. Their aim is to assess user needs in order to contribute to a better understanding of specifically the sharing of geographical data through GBIF. This will better enable to avoid data duplication, to better meet user needs, and to ultimately move towards improving the effectiveness and efficiency of biodiversity data.

The project is very much based on the active input of experienced users and providers of biodiversity data to GBIF and / or NLBIF. Please support this research by completing the online questionnaire(s) provided alongside this introduction.