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Towards an authoritative taxonomic checklist for The Netherlands....

Naturalis Biodiversity Center
Project type: 
Infrastructure project
28 / 02 / 2015 to 02 / 05 / 2016

In The Netherlands several thematic taxonomic checklists, species banks, species catalogues and regional checklists are available. However, a truly authoritative, uniform standard list of all species native to the Netherlands, complete with pictures, literature references and old names, is not yet available.

The first steps to establish such a list are now being taken by NLBIF, the Dutch Species Catalogue (NSR) and the National Database on Flora and Fauna (NDFF). The biodiversity-informatics team of Naturalis, host of the Dutch Species Catalogue, works on the synchronisation of the Species Catalogue and the list of species used by the National Database on Flora and Fauna. The product of this merge, the ultimate Dutch species list, will become part of the GBIF "Global Names Architecture".

Taxonomic Dutch checklists that are already available through GBIF, such as the Taxa Watermanagement The Netherlands (TWN), will be included in the final authoritative checklist.