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ANEMOON Foundation

Organisation type: 
Species protecting organisation

In The Netherlands, many organisations are active in the field of nature and the environment. This includes practicing research on flora and fauna of the Dutch coastal area. Many dozens of volunteers carry out research on debris left by the tide on the beach, and flora and fauna on dykes and pontoons, applying standardized methods. In the province of Zeeland, divers submerge themselves into the water to enjoy observing marine life, while youth associations for the study of nature have all sorts of research projects going on.

In the beginning of 1993, the ANEMOON (Dutch acronym for analysis, education and marine ecological research) foundation was founded to support and coordinate volunteer research in the marine environment. Its most important tasks include developing and coordinating research projects, management and analysis of survey data and providing information on marine flora and fauna.

ANEMOON constitutes a point of contact between volunteers, government, nature and environment associations, and the general public.

Biodiversity data from ANEMOON are accessible through the National Data Bank Flora and Fauna (NDFF), for NDFF subscription holders.