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Arboretum Poort-Bulten

Organisation type: 
Arboretum / pinetum
Lossersestraat 68
7587 PZ De Lutte

The initiative for the realization of the arboretum was taken in 1910. In the first setup as a pinetum on a heath, but shortly after the start of the planning in 1912 it grew into one of the most beautiful collections of trees and shrubs in the Netherlands.

The arboretum contains 1000 different species of trees and shrubs, broad-leaved and coniferous trees, including a number of unique broad-leaved trees. There are beautiful blooming trees and shrubs among which a number of exceptional specimens. Almost all trees and shrubs have a nameplate with the Dutch and German name as well as the Latin and the family name. Beneath the trees of the arboretum a flowery herbaceous vegetation can be found, with many exceptional and some rare species.

The surrounding 3 hectare pool landscape contains a rich natural plant growth. Also there is a vast variety of boulders in the landscape. Besides this the demonstration house for beekeeping gives a good impression of the life of these indispensable insects.