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Organisation type: 
Nature study
Natuurplaza - Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen

The FLORON foundation is the Dutch national organisation dedicated to survey, monitor and protect wild flora in The Netherlands. Its staff members are helped by more than 1.000 volunteers and professionals.

Plants in particular have an important signaling function, as they are indicators of the condition of nature, landscape and biodiversity. FLORON carries out specific research and gives advice on the occurrence, monitoring and protection of higher plants in The Netherlands.

In this, FLORON collaborates as much as possible with other organisations in the field of research, protection and restoration of (endangered) wild flora in The Netherlands. Data are stored in the national flora data bank Florbase.

Biodiversity data from FLORON are accessible through the National Data Bank Flora and Fauna (NDFF), for NDFF subscription holders.