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Foundation for Flora and Fauna Research

Organisation type: 
Species protecting organisation
Toernooiveld 1
6525 ED Nijmegen

The Foundation for Flora and Fauna Research (the VOFF) is a cooperation of ten non-governmental data managing organisations (Particuliere Gegevensbeherende Organisaties , PGO's). These PGO's collect data from all species of plants and animals occurring in The Netherlands. The greater part of the data is collected by volunteers, supported by (professional) PGO staff members. The national databases of the PGO's contain approximately 80% of all digitally available nature data in The Netherlands. The data, knowledge and expertise of the PGO's are used for informing the public, management, policy and research to benefit nature. Data from the PGO’s are stored in the National Data Bank Flora and Fauna (NDFF), accessible to subscription holders or for sale as one-off data supplies.