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Historical Garden de Wiersse

Organisation type: 
Botanical garden
Wiersserallee 9
7251 LH Vorden

The 16 ha. gardens and the 35 ha. landscape park of a country estate in the Dutch Achterhoek region, Historical Garden de Wiersse combines 18th century symmetry and 19th century romanticism. The estate is owned and managed by interrelated families since 1678, ensuring continuity.

The present state of the garden took form between 1918 and 1927. Straight avenues create a contrast with romantic ponds and brooks. Intimate gardens alternate with broad vistas overlooking the Achterhoek bocage country. A beech-lined tunnel leads to an old-fashioned vegetable garden. Ferns and local wild plants vie for attention with cut out plant figures in the rose garden.

From April onwards, there's the flowering of the wild daffodils - from Narcissus pseudonarcissus to Narcissus poeticus, as well as of countless other bulbs and spring flowers, planted in a natural woodland and meadow setting: fritillaries, crocus, tulips, lilies-of-the valley, Leucojum, Erythronium and Gladiolus byzantinus.