In the field of biodiversity and data, NLBIF collaborates with a large number of national and international organisations. This concerns not only scientific organisations but also includes organisations active in the fields of data visualisation, policy, environment, and sustainability.

International cooperation


Within the GBIF framework, NLBIF collaborates with Colombia and Ghana, aiming to mobilise Dutch data and expertise specifically for these countries. Results and details of these collaborations can be found in the overview of NLBIF projects.

At the European level, NLBIF primarily collaborates with Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, focusing on Western European flora and fauna and on synchronisation of national data infrastructures.


Partners in The Netherlands

NLBIF works with biodiversity data suppliers able and willing to share their data, including museums, research institutions, government organisations and citizen science organisations. There is increasing collaboration with (potential) users of biodiversity data and ICT parties. From its start, NLBIF has strong ties with the scientific community.

Additionally, NLBIF collaborates with a number of network partners that are active in the field of scientific data and publications, including:

Data use

  • KPMG Sustainability
  • Taskforce Biodiversity and Natural Resources
  • Shell International, Environmental Partnerships