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Lacewings (Neuroptera) and Alderflies (Megaloptera) from Finnmark, northern Norway

Lita Greve, Trond Andersen
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Records of 22 species of Neuroptera and four species of Megaloptera from Finnmark, northern Norway are presented based partly on material collected in 2010, partly on material housed in the entomological collections at the Natural History museums in Norway. Of these, 13 species have previously not been recorded from Finnmark, i.e.: Coniopteryx tineiformis Curtis, 1834; Hemerobius atrifrons McLachlan, 1868; H. fenestratus Tjeder, 1932; H. humulinus Linnaeus, 1758; H. marginatus Stephens, 1836; H. nitidulus Fabricius, 1777; H. pini Stephens, 1836; Micromus angulatus (Stephens, 1836); Sympherobius fuscescens (Wallengren, 1863); Wesmaelius concinnus (Stephens, 1836); W. mortoni (McLachlan, 1899); W. quadrifasciatus (Reuter, 1894) and Chrysoperla carnea (Stephens, 1836). The total number of Neuroptera known to occur in Finnmark is now 23 of which four belong in the family Coniopterygidae, 17 in Hemerobidae, and one in each of the families Chrysopidae and Sisyridae. All four species of Megaloptera reported in this paper belong to the genus Sialis Latreille, 1802, the sole genus of the order occurring in Norway. One of these, Sialis sibirica McLachlan, 1872, is recorded as Data Deficient (DD) in the 2010 Norwegian Red List for Species. In addition to the four species reported here a fifth species, Sialis lutaria (Linnaeus, 1758) is known to occur in Finnmark.

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