Sharing data

Anyone wishing to share biodiversity data with the rest of the world can join NLBIF and GBIF. The only criterion that NLBIF adheres to is that there must be a legal entity that owns and manages the biodiversity data, e.g. a society, university, museum, organisation, foundation, etc. NLBIF does not work with data collecting individuals.

Participating with NLBIF and GBIF is simple. The most important step is to embrace the principle of sharing data with the rest of the world.

Once this step has been taken and your organisation is to become part of the international GBIF network, the amount of work needed to place your data online will be mainly determined by the condition of the data.

  • Are the data digitised?
  • Are the data standardised?
  • Are the data structurally stored in a database?
  • Are all of the data allowed to be placed online?

The answers to these questions ultimately determine how easily the data can be made fit for GBIF.
NLBIF is a facilitating organisation, i.e. we mainly invest in existing (data) systems and make optimal use of developments that have already been set in motion by others. The presence of a data infrastructure and the associated human resources as well as expertise within your organisation is a basic requirement for successful NLBIF projects.