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Audio: Rhett Butler on how sound can save forests and top rainforest storylines to watch in 2019

08 / 01 / 2019, Mongabaycom News

On today’s episode, we welcome Mongabay founder and CEO Rhett Butler to discuss the biggest rainforest news stories of 2018 and what storylines to watch in 2019. He also discusses a new peer-reviewed paper he co-authored that looks at how bioacoustics can help us monitor forests and the wildlife that call forests home. Listen here:   This year marks the 20th anniversary since Rhett Butler founded Mongabay. Subscribers to our new Insider Content Program already know the story of how he founded Mongabay.com two decades ago in his pajamas. At first, Mongabay was a labor of love that Rhett pursued in his spare time, after coming home from his day job. Mongabay has come a long way since then, with more than 350 contributors covering 50 countries and bureaus now open in India, Indonesia, and Latin America. Overseeing this growing global environmental news service provides Rhett with a wealth of insight into the science and trends that are shaping conservation. He appears on the podcast to discuss his recent articles looking at the top rainforest stories of 2018 and the tropical forest trends to watch in 2019. We’ve made great strides in monitoring tropical forests thanks to the use of satellite imagery, but remote sensing isn’t the best method for monitoring biodiversity. Rhett also discusses a recent peer-reviewed paper he co-authored that looks at how bioacoustics can be used to fill that gap. (The paper’s lead author, forest ecologist Zuzana Burivalova of Princeton University, appeared on the Mongabay Newscast in…

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