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Author Steven Kotler on tackling the biodiversity crisis with technology

25 / 10 / 2017, Mongabaycom News

Steven Kotler is a leading thinker on how technology can be employed to halt the global loss of biodiversity. Recently the prolific author and journalist convened a weekend forum for environmentalists and technologists in Tahoe, California, Creating Equilibrium, to bring these disciplines into conversation, and it featured speakers from famed ecologist David Suzuki to IBM Master Inventor Neil Sahota. Mongabay caught up with Steven Kotler afterward to continue the discussion. AN INTERVIEW WITH STEVEN KOTLER Mongabay: You say you take the biodiversity crisis personally, where does your devotion come from? Steven Kotler: It comes from being an animal geek. Even as a little kid, you’d always find me at the Museum of Natural History looking at dinosaurs, or at the zoo. When I became a reporter I went considerably out of my way to hang out with scientists who were working with animals. I spent 2 years trying to get magazines to send me to Madagascar to hang out with [researcher] Pat Wright and study lemurs in the rainforest. I also run Rancho de Chihuahua with my wife, which is a dog sanctuary, most people don’t think of dogs when they think about biodiversity but what I believe is that dogs and the animals that are closest to us are the ‘gateway drug’ to biodiversity, how we treat the animals closest to us extends out to how we treat animals in the rest of the world. So we work on the frontlines of dog rescue in the second poorest county in America,…

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