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First wild Sumatran rhino in Borneo captured for breeding campaign

29 / 11 / 2018, Mongabaycom News

JAKARTA — Conservationists have captured a wild Sumatran rhinoceros in Indonesian Borneo and relocated it to a breeding center — a key step toward saving the critically endangered species. The adult female Sumatran rhino (Dicerorhinus sumatrensis) fell into a pit trap on Nov. 25 in West Kutai district, East Kalimantan province. Wildlife experts from the Sumatran Rhino Rescue initiative had set the trap, one of many, to catch rhinos for a captive-breeding program. Within 24 hours, conservationists and government officials worked to move the rhino to a rehabilitation center in West Kutai, where a team of veterinarians and experts will attend to the animal. The rhino has been named Pahu. “This particular rhino was in a grave danger due to her degraded habitat,” said Rizal Malik, chief executive officer of WWF-Indonesia, which was involved in the rescue. “While risks remain for this rhino, with her safe arrival at the sanctuary, we’re cautiously optimistic, and our dedicated team will continue with the round-the-clock care as she settles into her new home.” Sunandar, the head of the East Kalimantan conservation agency, said in an official statement that Pahu was in “stable and good” condition. In another statement, WWF said the team at the rehabilitation center would “work to ensure her safety and health in this new environment, at which point they will begin work to determine her breeding viability.” The capture comes two years after WWF conservationists captured a female rhino, also in West Kutai, that had sustained a severe leg injury…

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