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Haiti’s most popular ecotourism destinations

15 / 01 / 2018, Mongabaycom News

The tropical Caribbean island of Haiti is a paradise with a rich, fascinating history, natural wonders, and diverse cultural offerings. It has also been named by some as the next big thing in regional tourism. But ecotourism in particular could become important for Haiti, with its rich land and sea biodiversity. Globally, the business of ecotourism generates more than $600 billion a year and is connected to hundreds of thousands of jobs. Haiti’s botanical diversity was described as “one of the richest” in the Caribbean by the US Forest Service in a report for USAID in 2010. It’s also under tremendous pressure and the clock is ticking. Less than 2 percent of Haiti remains forested. Endemic species of Haiti’s fauna – about 75 percent of their animals – are on the “brink of extinction,” according to USAID . Ecotourism could help turn the tide for Haiti’s 35 protected areas. The country’s coastline of 1,100 miles (1,775 kilometers), coastal shelf of over 1,900 square  miles (5,000 square kilometers), and five main offshore islands makes for a rich, biodiverse and varied regional ecology. Here are a few popular ecotourism options in Haiti: Waterfalls and natural pools Bassin Bleu near Jacmel. Photo courtesy of ExperienceHaiti.org. One of Haiti’s numerous waterfalls, Bassin Bleu is particularly stunning and popular. Just outside of a town called Jacmel, it is the finale in a series of three waterfalls after Bassin Palmiste and Bassin Clair. The series of cascading turquoise pools and waterfalls are steeped in the depths of…

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