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Peru: Get to know the diverse wildlife of the cloud forests of Pampa Hermosa | VIDEOS

11 / 04 / 2019, Mongabaycom News

Biologist Sean McHugh, along with filmmaker and photographer Jasmina McKibben, recently traveled to the Colibri cloud forest in Peru’s Pampa Hermosa district in search of the spectacled bear (Tremarctos ornatus). They knew it is an area rich in biodiversity that had been studied very little. The Colibri cloud forest is in the Junín region of Peru and just south of Pui-Pui Protection Forest, and McHugh and McKibben chose an area 10 miles away from Pui-Pui for their study. For three months, they traversed the valleys, slopes and peaks of the forest, installing and checking 28 camera traps. What they found exceeded their expectations: at least 25 different species of mammals, including a new population of yellow-tailed woolly monkeys (Oreonax flavicauda) inhabited the area. Due to its unique characteristics that are distinct from other yellow-tailed woolly monkeys, McHugh thinks this population could actually constitute a separate species. The researchers discovered a population of yellow-tailed woolly monkeys. Photo by Sean McHugh and Jasmina McKibben for Rainforest Partnership. “I like to study unknown places with difficult geography, and Pampa Hermosa is one of those places,” McHugh said. “I learned, additionally, that it has unique mammals.” McKibben said that a major part of her adult life has been dedicated to searching for wild animals, which has enabled her to “encounter some of the most fascinating species on the planet.” An encounter with a spectacled bear Photos of two spectacled bears are now part of the collection of images being analyzed by McHugh and McKibben.…

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