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Scientists highlight 9 new reef fish species off West Papua

14 / 05 / 2018, Mongabaycom News

Scientists in Indonesia have found nine stunning new reef fish species in the protected waters off the country’s largely untouched province of West Papua. They collected samples of the species from 12 sites at two marine conservation zones, Berau Bay and Nusalasi Van den Bosch Bay, in the coastal district of Fakfak during a two-week field survey in March. Map of West Papua province (turquoise). Image courtesy of Hayat Indriyatno/Mongabay. “The discovery of these species highlights the high potential of biodiversity in Fakfak’s waters where some of the species are endemic,” said Viktor Nikijuluw, senior marine program director at the NGO Conservation International Indonesia, who was involved in the research. The new species include a pipefish from the genus Choeroichthys; two damselfish from the genuses Pomacentrus and Chrysiptera; three gobies from the genuses Amblyeleotris, Eviota and Myersina; a wrasse from the genus Halichoeres; a sand-diver from the genus Trichonotus; and a blenny from the genus Ecsenius. Some of the new reef fish species found in West Papua, Indonesia: a pipefish from the genus Choeroichthys, top; damselfish from the genus Pomacentrus, middle; and shrimpgobies from the genus Amblyeleotris. Images courtesy of Conservation International (CI) Indonesia. Viktor said maintaining the waters where these species were found as marine conservation areas would support the protection of the local biodiversity. He also called for effective management of the area to support sustainable fishing and tourism. The survey was part of a study into the vast and pristine waters of West Papua. In Fakfak, the…

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