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Women in backyards: root crop production and biodiversity management in backyards: a case study in five selected woredas of Tigray regional state, Northern Ethiopia

22 / 10 / 2007, Eldis Biodiversity

How can women produce and benefit better from their backyards? How to introduce drought resistant and highly nutritional root crops along while maintaining the biodiversity of plants in backyards? This paper aims to contribute to food self-sufficiency and improve the nutritional status of poor women headed households and poor families in Tigray, Ethiopia.The authors identify potentials for the introduction and expansion of cassava plant and sweet potato production by the poor women; identify appropriate intervention strategies for the introduction and expansion of cassava plant and sweet potato; lobby the government to consider the options and make intensive interventions in home gardening. Additionally they look for means to encourage women to plant and maintain herbal plants of medical importance and for spices and thereby maintaining biodiversity.Recommendations for integrated activities of backyard farming practices include:

introduction and promotion of high yielding horticultural crops and other multipurpose trees as home gardening
strengthening or introduction of different soil and water conservation principles
land preparation
contour strip cropping
practicing mixed gardening system/multiple cropping

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