Biodiversiteit nieuws

Op deze pagina presenteerd NLBIF een selectie van nationaal en internationaal biodiversiteitnieuws afkomstig van verschillende nieuws-sites, de berichten worden gefilterd op basis van relevantie voor biodiversiteit en wetenschap.

  • Land-use intensification causes multitrophic homogenization of grassland communities

    30 / 11 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Land-use intensification is a major driver of biodiversity loss. Alongside reductions in local species diversity, biotic homogenization at larger spatial scales is of great concern for...

  • Conservation: big data boost in China

    30 / 11 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    I disagree with Aaron Ellison's contention that biodiversity data only rarely drive conservation decisions (Nature538, 141;10.1038/538141a2016). In China, better data are guiding changes in...

  • Redefining the invertebrate RNA virosphere

    23 / 11 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Current knowledge of RNA virus biodiversity is both biased and fragmentary, reflecting a focus on culturable or disease-causing agents. Here we profile the transcriptomes of over 220 invertebrate...

  • Environment: Australia too casual with protection law

    09 / 11 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    The Australian government has set a dangerous precedent in granting exemptions “in the national interest” from its 1999 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act. This laxity...

  • Biodiversity: Two African elephant species, not just one

    19 / 10 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Your affirmation that the African forest elephant and the African savannah elephant are separate species (Nature537, 7; 10.1038/537007b2016) is timely. Earlier this month, the 17th Conference of...

  • Species loss: learn from health metrics

    19 / 10 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    The inability to quantify which threats matter most across species and ecosystems is a problem for policymaking and resource allocation (see S. L.Maxwellet al. Nature536, 143–145; 2016)....

  • Monitoring: safeguarding the world's largest lake

    05 / 10 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Lake Baikal in eastern Siberia is listed as a World Heritage Site by the United Nations because of its exceptional endemic biodiversity. Its ecological and environmental health is now under threat...

  • Ecology: Rats and cats drive extinctions

    28 / 09 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Non-native predatory mammals such as cats and rats can wreak havoc on native animal populations, especially on islands.Tim Doherty of Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, and his colleagues...

  • Species loss: diverse takes on biodiversity

    28 / 09 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    Sean Maxwell and colleagues argue that agriculture is one of the greatest enemies of biodiversity — yet agriculture itself depends on biodiversity (Nature536, 143–145; 10.1038/536143a2016). To...

  • Species loss: a crude view of climate

    28 / 09 / 2016, Nature - Current issues

    We contend that Sean Maxwell and colleagues' analysis of risk factors for biodiversity loss should have included a more nuanced view of climate change (Nature536, 143–145; 10.1038/536143a2016) ....