Biodiversiteit nieuws

Op deze pagina presenteerd NLBIF een selectie van nationaal en internationaal biodiversiteitnieuws afkomstig van verschillende nieuws-sites, de berichten worden gefilterd op basis van relevantie voor biodiversiteit en wetenschap.

  • Fantastic ancient fauna precedes mammal evolution

    05 / 03 / 2014, Earth Times Environment

    Animals of unfamiliar as well as familiar types took up niches in the ancient ecosystems, as birds and mammals developed and, of course, feathered dinosaurs ruled the roost...

  • Simply red (squirrel) is better

    25 / 02 / 2014, Earth Times Environment

    We struggle against invasive species, but sometimes research helps to finally understand what can be done to preserve the status quo. The red squirrel is healthy in Europe and in Scotland, but...

  • Hawaiian rise in endangered species

    04 / 02 / 2014, Earth Times Environment

    We need technology to discover where and how endangered species survive. The US government have just declared 15 more Hawaiian species as endangered, but the islands have so many, it is difficult...

  • How fish evolved their migratory habits

    15 / 01 / 2014, Earth Times Environment

    You would expect an evolutionary shift to be a trend, but in one great family of fish, there is little evidence that lightning strikes twice, especially in the same freshwater ecosystem!© The...