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Podcast: Daniel M Davis on the immune system's wonders

30 / 09 / 2013, The Guardian

This week on Science Weekly with Alok Jha we discover the immense complexity of the human immune system when we meet Prof Daniel M Davis to discuss his new book The Compatibility Gene.Alok is also joined by Guardian science correspondent Ian Sample and Prof Kate Jones, joint chair of ecology and biodiversity at University College London and the Zoological Society of London. Kate discusses a recent Nature article exploring the science and ethics of species conservation using genetic modification.Also, Ian talks about recent insights into the defensive habits of ancient trilobites and why rolling up in a ball helped the species survive for more than 270m years.Finally, Alok surveys the latest data from the Mars rover Curiosity and the discovery of considerable reserves of water in the surface soil of the red planet.Subscribe for free via iTunes to ensure every episode gets delivered. (Here is the non-iTunes URL feed).Follow the podcast on our Science Weekly Twitter feed and receive updates on all breaking science news stories from Guardian Science.Email scienceweeklypodcast@gmail.com.Guardian Science is now on Facebook. You can also join our Science Weekly Facebook group.We're always here when you need us. Listen back through our archive.Alok JhaIan SampleJason Phipps

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