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Help for Kelp-Seaweed Slashers See Harvesting Cuts Coming

13 / 05 / 2014, CBD

A new global certification program aims to protect from overfishing wild seaweeds, which serve not only as a crop but also as a habitat for hundreds of other ocean species.

Think of overfishing and sea creatures like majestic bluefin tuna, steely sharks or New England’s treasured cod come to mind. For most of us, seaweed isn’t part of the overfishing conversation. But the Marine Stewardship Council, best known for its ecolabeling and certification program for wild seafood, says my dirty seaweeds are an important component of the marine ecosystem that deserve more attention and protection. Last month the MSC announced its plan to develop the first global standard for sustainable seaweed. The organization hopes to begin certifying seaweed fisheries by the end of 2014.

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