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Nature Index Costa Rica: an IPBES pilot project

30 / 12 / 2015, Eldis Biodiversity

The “Nature Index Costa Rica” (NI-CR)  has  been  a  one-year  pilot  project  to demonstrate and promote the  capacity-building objectives of the Intergovernmental Platform on  Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES). The National Biodiversity Institute of Costa Rica (INBio) in collaboration with the Norwegian Institute for Nature Research (NINA) have tested the Norwegian Nature  Index  methodology  and  IT  platform on  Costa  Rican  forest  ecosystems, in  a  collaboration with a number experts from Costa Rican institutions specialized in biodiversity assessments.
The NI-CR pilot project has

demonstrated the relevance of the Nature Index for IPBES as a platform for international collaboration and mutual capacity-building in biodiversity assessment.
shown  that  the Nature Index methodology  and  IT-platform  are a  tool for “gap  analysis“ in biodiversity monitoring information in support of conservation area management.
shown the potential of Nature  Index methodology to  strengthen sustainability  indicators reporting and natural capital accounting in Costa Rica.
illustrated the Nature Index platform’s relevance for CBD national data clearinghouse.
demonstrated  the potential  of  the Nature  Index to  coordinate  national data  and  institutions across conservation sectors,  in particular the potential to fill gaps in national level biodiversity safeguards reporting of REDD+.
identified a number of limitations, solutions, and opportunities in the current NI methodology which would facilitate scaling up of the pilot project findings to full implementation at national level and improve future transfer of NI to other countries.

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