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From wallabies to exploding beetles: where to find Britain’s most fantastic beasts

05 / 02 / 2017, The Guardian

It may not be a tropical paradise, but the UK is home to plenty of weird and wonderful creatures all the same. Here are five of the strangestThe beasts of Britain do not have much going for them. For starters, there aren’t many of them, a historic legacy of the Ice Age and Britain’s island status, which prevented many plants, insects and mammals from colonising when the ice retreated. Britain exists at a northerly latitude, so its species cannot luxuriate in a tropical paradise with millions of colourful, noisy brethren. And, these days, they must share their island with more than 60 million humans.But, being busy, myopic creatures, we easily overlook the weird and wonderful wildlife that is tucked away on – and just off – our shores. Here are five wild surprises. Continue reading...

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