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Baseline information for a future Conservation Plan (Action A.2 final report)

O. Jahn, K. Riede, Basilis Nomikos, Vicky Demetriou, U. Marckmann, K.-L. Schuchmann, G. Lehmann, A. Weller, S. Ntalampiras
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AmiBio‘s baseline for a Conservation Plan is an additional (not contractual) product of Action A.2 and meant to prepare the ground for the implementation of the automated remote monitoring scheme at Hymettus. The report summarizes the work and achievements of the biological inventories, determines the micro-sites for the monitoring stations, and identifies the conservation needs of the study area. Future conservation plans have to address relevant international and national laws, conventions, and initiatives, and of course the severe threats Hymettus is facing. A wide variety of stakeholders is involved with Hymettus conservation, in one or the other way (including detrimental activities). Only 43 % of the Hymettus is owned by the municipalities of Athens, whereas 31 % are controlled by the Military, 5 % are privately owned and not les than 21 % of the area is under dispute (Researcher Network of Environmental Management 2004.). That is, without the participation of all stakeholders the implementation of conservation plans is not feasible. Here we present our ideas and suggestions mainly from a scientific perspective, and take into account the methodology and species groups relevant for the AmiBio project (mainly acoustically communicating animals, but also aspects such as noise pollution or more efficient monitoring of human activities such as hunting or motor biking). Furthermore, SPAY took the initiative in assembling additional information on the bioclimatic, geological, and ecological setting of the study area as well as preliminary ideas on the management of the area, following the general formats required by the Greek legislation. Translated excerpts are attached as Appendices to this work. We thus hope the present document might serve as a baseline for the future development of an official, with stakeholder participation developed, Conservation Plan. Given that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity (IYB), and in light of the ambitious EC target to halt biodiversity loss, our final aim is to promote and integrate AmiBio methodology and results into the SEBI process (Streamlining European 2010 Biodiversity Indicators - SEBI 2010; EEA 2007, 2009).

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