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Biological Synopsis of Garra rufa

Jarvis Peter L. Jarvis Peter L. Jarvis
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To understand the ecology of a species, it is necessary to develop a biological synopsis for the species. This document summarizes information on Garra rufa, a small member of the carp and minnow family (Cyprinidae) native to the Middle East. This synopsis includes G. rufa’s description, distribution, biology and natural history, and use by humans. There is limited knowledge available on the life history and ecological requirements of G. rufa, but it is found most often in lotic environments feeding on periphyton and appears to be able to tolerate a wide range of temperatures and less than pristine water quality conditions. Additionally, it spawns from late spring to summer by broadcasting over gravel type substrates and no parental care is provided to its young. To date, no individuals have been recorded outside their native range.

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