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BioloMICS Software: Biological Data Management, Identification , Classification and Statistics

Vincent Robert, Szaniszlo Szoke, Bernard Jabas, Duong Vu, Oussema Chouchen, Erik Blom, Gianluigi Cardinali
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Journal Article
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The BioloMICS software is briefly described in this application note. BioloMICS is a tool allowing specialized and scientific biological databases to be created to fit the specific needs of researchers working on any organisms (from viruses, bacteria, fungi, plants, insects to animals) by abroad base of users such as taxonomists, ecologists, human, animal or plant pathologists, molecular biologists, pharmacists, industrial researchers, etc. They can all use the system in completely different ways and with different goals in mind. One can create own custom databases without any prior knowledge of either databasing or programming. The system is completely dynamic and can evolve with the needs of the users. A number of tools for data retrieval and analysis are also included in the system. The system also allows linking with many other databases. BioloMICS is proposed as a suite of tools capable of archiving, analyzing and publishing data on local computers and Internet servers.

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