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Checklist Of Benthic Algae From The Asturias Coast (North Of Spain)

Eduardo Cires Rodríguez, Candela Cuesta Moliner
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Journal Article
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An annotated checklist of the marine benthic flora of Asturias coast (North of Spain), based on literature records, herbarium sheets and original data is presented. Ac- cording to our data, the known list of algae totals 437 taxa: 42 Cyanophyta, 239 Rhodophyta, 101 Ochrophyta and 55 Chlorophyta. The number of specific and intraspe- cific taxa is 459: 42 Cyanophyta, 247 Rhodophyta, 111 Ochrophyta and 59 Chlorophyta. Phormidium autumnale, Drachiella spectabilis and Peyssonnelia harveyana are new records for Asturias. In addition, 18 taxa are considered as taxa excludenda, while 34 taxa were recorded as dubious and their presence in the coasts of Asturias must be con- firmed and thoroughly studied in the future. Remarks on the most noteworthy features of the flora of the studied area are included. Also, we present lists of cold-temperate, warm- temperate, Lusitanic Province endemics, and alien species growing in Asturias. Finally, we compared the floristic character of Asturias coast flora with respect to the neighbour- ing regions (Britain, Ireland, Basque coast, Galicia, Portugal, Southern Iberian Peninsu- la, Canary Islands and Atlantic coast of Morocco) applying Feldmann’s [Rhodophyta/ Phaeophyta, or R/P] and Cheney’s ratios [(Rhodophyta+Chlorophyta)/ Phaeophyta, or (R+C)/P]. The resulting low values (2.36 and 2.91, respectively) are explained by the abundance of numerous cold temperate species like large fucoids and kelps.

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