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Communication gaps in knowledge of freshwater fish biodiversity: implications for the management and conservation of Mexican biosphere reserves

A. Pino-Del-Carpio, Ana Villarroya, Arturo H. AriƱo, J. Puig, R. Miranda
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Journal Article
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To detect differences in the information available on freshwater fish species found in Mexican biosphere reserves, the number of species considered in three sources of information: management programmes, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the scientific literature were compared. Additionally, management actions for the reserves were evaluated. More than 55% of freshwater fish species registered for the reserves were found only in one of the three sources of information, while just 12% was shared among all the three. Fifteen threatened species were registered in GBIF and the scientific literature that were not found in management programmes. Although all the management programmes described conservation actions, none of them gave details about how they would be implemented. Lack of communication among the sources studied, unawareness of the existence of threatened species and the absence of detailed management actions hinder the development of adequate conservation strategies.

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