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Continuous and long-term monoxenic culture of the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora decipiens in root organ culture

Laura Fernández Bidondo, Mariana Pergola, Vanesa Silvani, Roxana Colombo, Josefina Bompadre, Alicia Godeas
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Journal Article
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Establishment of arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) germplasm collections is complex because of the obligate biotrophic nature of AM fungi. Only a few AM species are routinely maintained in monoxenic culture with Ri T-DNA transformed roots as host. Incorporation of new AM species into this culture system is important for molecular, physiological, and taxonomical studies. Here we report for the first time the successful monoxenic culture of Gigaspora decipiens (JA2 strain) with transformed carrot (Daucus carota) roots. In vitro cultures were established from field-collected spores; sub-culture of newly in vitro formed spores was established over five successive generations for a period of 6 y. Although initial culture of field-collected spores was difficult successive sub-cultures appeared to be adapted to the in vitro growing conditions. The JA2 strain of G. decipiens completed its life cycle while maintaining its morphological characteristics, stability, and propagule viability under the monoxenic conditions over several generations. This stable and homogeneous monoxenic material obtained for G. decipiens is part of the Banco de Glomeromycota In Vitro (BGIV, http://www.bgiv.com.ar), and could facilitate morphological, physiological, and molecular analysis of this AM species.

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