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Data discovery and information dissemination service of the Environmental Information System (ENVIS) Centre on Avian Ecology at BNHS, India

Sujit Narwade, Divya Varier, Tejashree Nakashe
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Journal Article
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Realizing the importance of a data collection and dissemination network, the Environmental Information Division of the Ministry of Environment and Forests (MoEF), Government of India, in December, 1982, established the Environmental Information System (ENVIS), as a plan programme. Since its inception, the focus of ENVIS has been on providing environmental information to decision makers, policy planners, researchers, etc. across the country. As the environment is a broad-ranging, multi- disciplinary subject, a comprehensive information system would necessarily involve effective participation of concerned institutions/organizations in the country that are actively engaged in work relating to different subject areas of the environment. ENVIS has therefore developed by forming a network of such participating institutions/organizations to make the programme meaningful. The Focal Point of the present 66 ENVIS centres in India is at the Ministry of Environment and Forests, New Delhi. The ENVIS Centre at the BNHS has been assigned the responsibility for information on Avian Ecology. Through this document we would like to share our experience of data discovery and information dissemination services provided by ENVIS Centres. Having experience of more than 15 years, we feel that a lot can be done to improve such systems.

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