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Development of a Threatened Species Portal in the Asia-Pacific Region

Osamu Kurashima, Utsugi Jinbo, Motomi Ito
Shin-ichi Nakano, Tetsukazu Yahara, Tohru Nakashizuka
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Biodiversity, ecological, climatological, and environmental data, as well as valid models (e.g., Ecological Niche Modeling) are required to develop indicators that are more effective in assessing the drivers and states of biodiversity (GEO BON 2010 ) . In particular, biodiversity data provide indispensible information for conservation plans. However, a critical problem is that most existing data are inaccessible or unavailable because they are either scattered among many databases or are unpub- lished ( Meier and Dikow 2004 ; Guralnick et al. 2007 ) . The promotion of open access to biodiversity data and making these data reusable for conservation strate- gies is one of the main goals of GEO BON.

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