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Distribución y representatividad de las especies del género Crotalus en las áreas naturales protegidas de México (Distribution and representation of Crotalus species within the natural protected areas of Mexico)

Dinorah Malinaly Paredes-Garcia, Aurelio Ramirez-Bautista, Miguel Angel Martinez-Morales
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Journal Article
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We performed a systematic analysis of the distribution of the Crotalus species in Mexico to depict the places of high species concentration and to evaluate its representation within the federal natural protected areas (NPAs) scheme. Based on geo-referenced records, we built distribution models for species with enough records using the GARP and MaxEnt algorithms. We then deduced areas of high species concentration and estimated its presence in the NPAs. The regions with the highest species richness are the Sierra Madre Occidental, the northwestern Mexican Highlands, the northern portion of the Sierra Madre Oriental, and the western most portion of the Transmexican Volcanic Belt. We estimated that 84.4% of the NPAs include at least 1 species and 88.2% of the species distributed in Mexico occur in at least 1 NPA. In this context of high representation, the idea of incorporating additional NPAs for the protection and conservation of crotalines is difficult; thus, alternative strategies should be considered such as environmental awareness, habitat conservation through the sustainable use of resources, and captive management and breeding of endangered species. Research and population monitoring should also be promoted.

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