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Distribution of Lunaria telekiana (Brassicaceae), a poorly known species of European concern

Dmitar Lakušić, Boštjan Surina, Marjan Niketić, Zoltán Barina
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Journal Article
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Lunaria telekiana Jávorka is usually treated as a narrow N.E. Albanian endemic, distributed only in Prokletije Mts (Bjeshkët e Nemuna), S.E. Dinaric Alps. As a European endemic, and restricted to a single European country, L. telekiana is treated as a “target species”, or “species of European concern”. As a very rare and endangered species it is defined as IUCN CR B2a in Europe. Although of great international significance, the distribution of L. telekiana is only poorly known, without any georeferenced records on GBIF. Except for the locus classicus “Škelsen ad pagum Tropoja”, as well as localities “Bajram Curri” and “Maja e Hekurave” in Albania, all other published and unpublished data on the distribution of this species are largely unknown. Based on several years of field studies, analyses of herbarium and literature data, the authors managed to record the occurrence of L. telekiana in Albania, Montenegro and Serbia, and to outline its distribution range more precisely. Te size of plant populations at the studied localities and new threatened status according to criteria and categories of IUCN have been established individually for Europe, Albania, Montenegro and Serbia.

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