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Failure to achieve 2010 biodiversity’s target in developing countries: How can conservation help?

Adenle Ademola A. Adenle Ademola A. Adenle
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Journal Article
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Conservation and wise management of biodiversity is critical for better live- lihoods, especially in developing countries. Given the failure to achieve the global target set under convention on biological diversity (CBD) and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to reduce the rate of biodiversity loss by 2010, developing countries more than ever need better technologies to conserve and manage biodiversity. Despite billions of poor people depending on biodiversity as their main source of health care needs and food the lack of effective strategy or coherent policy instrument for biodiversity conservation remains a key issue. The importance of biodiversity conservation for the benefit of developing countries is inextricably linked to developments in biotechnology, particularly genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The Rio?20 meeting in June 2012 and CBD conference of the parties 11 in October 2012 are the next real opportunities to strengthen existing frameworks and prioritize types of technological innovation to enhance biodi- versity conservation and development.

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