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Fish-AMAZBOL: a database on freshwater fishes of the Bolivian Amazon

Fernando M. Carvajal-Vallejos, Rémy Bigorne, América J. Zeballos Fernández, Jaime Sarmiento, Soraya Barrera, Takayuki Yunoki, Marc Pouilly, José Zubieta, Evans Barra, Michel Jegú, Mabel Maldonado, Paul Damme, Ricardo Céspedes, Thierry Oberdorff
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Journal Article
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The Bolivian part of the Amazon Basin contains a mega diverse and well-preserved fish fauna. Since the last decade, this fish fauna has received an increasing attention from scientists and the national authorities as fishes represent one of the most important sources of proteins for local human communities. However, this fish fauna still remains poorly documented. Here, we present a database for fishes from the Bolivian Amazon. To build the database, we conducted an extensive literature survey of native and non-native (exotic) fishes inhabiting all major sub-drainages of the Bolivian Amazon. The database, named Fish-AMAZBOL, contains species lists for 13 Amazonian hydrological units, covering 100% of the Bolivian Amazon and approximately 65% (722,137 km2) of the all territory. Fish-AMAZBOL includes 802 valid species, 12 of them being non-native, that have been checked for systematic reliability and consistency. To put this number in perspective, this represents around 14% of the all Neotropical ichthyofauna and around 6% of all strictly freshwater fishes inhabiting the planet. This database is currently the most comprehensive database of native and non-native fish species richness available so far for the Bolivian Amazon.

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