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GIDL: a rule based expert system for GenBank Intelligent Data Loading into the Molecular Biodiversity Database.

Paolo Pannarale, Domenico Catalano, Giorgio De Caro, Giorgio Grillo, Pietro Leo, Graziano Pappadà, Francesco Rubino, Gaetano Scioscia, Flavio Licciulli
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13 Suppl 4
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Journal Article
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In the scientific biodiversity community, it is increasingly perceived the need to build a bridge between molecular and traditional biodiversity studies. We believe that the information technology could have a preeminent role in integrating the information generated by these studies with the large amount of molecular data we can find in bioinformatics public databases. This work is primarily aimed at building a bioinformatic infrastructure for the integration of public and private biodiversity data through the development of GIDL, an Intelligent Data Loader coupled with the Molecular Biodiversity Database. The system presented here organizes in an ontological way and locally stores the sequence and annotation data contained in the GenBank primary database.

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